Always, Sometimes, Never

 wedding: october 2008
 I always:
* will choose sleeping in over eating breakfast at home.
* choose Thai food over Chinese, but Japanese over Thai.
* have a deep-seeded love of travel.
* opt for something salty over something sweet.
* have wanted to sky dive.
* love watching movies with a fire going on a rainy day.
* make chai in the morning.
* wear my heart on my sleeve.
I sometimes:
* get way too excited when my tomato plants fruit.
* get lost in the internet and then wonder where the day went.
* feel insecure.
* wonder what life would be like had I made one different choice.
* want to pack up and move to Paris…for a little while.
* wear red lipstick.
* wish my best friend still lived in town.
* want to go back to school.
I never:
* regret moving home to be with J.
* will get a tattoo.
* mind that our town doesn’t have an Anthropologie (I would spend waaaay too much $).
* get tired of watching Friends, Sex and The City, or Buffy reruns.
* say no to puppy kisses.
* want to wonder “what if?”.

inspired by wishcake and ohhellofriend

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by Kayla on 05/18/2010


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