I thought it would be fun to document what goes on around our little funny farm from time to time when things are interesting around here. 

I’ve been getting into baking bread lately (I know.  Me? Baking?!).  Today’s recipe is pretzel rolls via Piece of Cake.  The house is warm and full of the smell of yeast.  I think I’m hooked.

The light was nice in our living room this afternoon, so I snapped a pic of our mantle.  Trying to layer a bit more greenery into our house.  That one on the left is a fiddle leaf fig.  He’s pretty small still, but I’m hoping one day he will look like this.

I’ve been busy planting bare root fruit trees this month and getting all the other fruit bearing things ready spring.  The chickens have finished molting and have decided to start laying again (earlier than expected, a welcome surprise!), so that means I can stop buying eggs at the market for a while.

I got this crazy plant called a ‘bleeding heart’ at the nursery a week back or so.  The flowers are so interesting, looking just like the name.  The strawberries are fruiting already and we are chomping at the bit for them to ripen.

My husband has also been making a bunch of neat things out of recycled wood and old wine barrel staves.  More on that later.  ;)

How was your weekend?

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by Kayla on 02/20/2012


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