imaginary dollhouse // 2

The holiday season is upon us, friends!  I’m integrating a little more glitz into my life in preparation for the holidays (I just got this!) and thought this would be a fun opportunity for another round of Imaginary Dollhouse.  This time, I’m going to let the images do the talking, starting with a hint of gold, and working up to a bucket full.  Enjoy!

Name: Dana

Lives in: Savannah

Occupation: Boutique owner

Choice cocktail: Vodka soda

Likes: Spring, porch swings, and Hemmingway.

Dislikes: Humidity, rude people.

Secretly wishes: she could play the violin.

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Name: Hannah

Lives in: San Diego

Occupation: Interior designer

Choice cocktail: Mojito

Likes: Pattern, antique stores, weekends on a boat.

Dislikes: Beige, people who misuse ‘there’, ‘their’, and ‘they’re’.

Secretly wishes: she could take a year off and travel to Morocco.

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Name: Lola

Lives in: Manhattan

Occupation: Theater actress

Choice cocktail: Kir Royale

Likes: Air kisses, statement necklaces, men who tell the truth.

Dislikes: Poor service, chipped nails.

Secretly wishes: she could get a puppy.

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by Kayla on 10/30/2012

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