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Free desktop wallpaper "Wild and Free" | tinyinklings.comFree desktop wallpaper "Mountains" | tinyinklings.com

I had some fun the other night creating a couple new desktop wallpapers. John and I were playing the “would you rather” game the other day and I asked, “Would you rather have a little vacation home at the beach or in the mountains?”. I thought for sure he would say the beach (of course not here, I was thinking Hawaii or something. Hey, it’s just a game.), but he chose the mountains! He grew up in a tiny mountain town, so I shouldn’t really be all that surprised. Going up to the Sierras is actually something we try and do every year if we can. I love the smell of the trees and the dirt, the big open sky, and watching the stars in the blackest of black skies at night. These wallpapers remind me of how I feel when I”m there. Download and enjoy!

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by Kayla on 02/18/2013

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