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This month, I’m taking a label design class on Skillshare with Jon Contino. It’s been really fun so far. The first part of the assignent was to decide on a brand you’d like to make a lebel for and then put together a mood board to guide the design. I chose a local farm who makes fantastic juices and sells them at our local farm stand, but whose packaging could use a little spicing up.

I’m in the sketching phase right now and I’m focusing the design around hand-drawn type, fresh colors you might find in an orchard, and the idea of using a kraft packaging tape with the ability to simply write in or put a tick mark in a box next to the flavor in order to keep prosuction costs down (only using one label instead of a different one for each flavor of juice).

If you’d care to follow my progress or see the other pieces from the class, you can click here.

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by Kayla on 05/23/2013

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