Spring Patterns by Kayla King | tinyinklings.comHappy Monday, friends!  While I had big plans to sow seeds in my garden over the weekend, I didn’t get to do it since it pretty much rained non-stop for three days.  That didn’t keep me from staring out the windows, garden planning, and being taunted by my stone fruit trees, which are just beginning to bloom.  C’mon Spring!

On Sunday, as John went off to work, I decided to spend the morning working on some patterns.  Remember this mood board I made for the Skillshare class I was taking (which I never finished, whoops)?  I kept looking back at it and decided to use it as my starting point.  I was really feeling that peach in the center, so the peach juice and leaves came from that.  The stripes were washi-inspired, and the burst was derived from that image on the bottom-right (although I like to think that’s what Spring does to us.  She sneaks up all cloaked in dark rain clouds and sadness and then bursts forth, all “Holla!  I’m here!”).

Spring Patterns by Kayla King | tinyinklings.comI thought it would be fun to offer up these patterns as a little freebie for you guys.  Print one and use it to make gift tags!  Print a bunch and use them to wrap a gift or make a journal cover!  You guys are creative, use your imagination! :) If you make anything super fun with them, tag me in a pic on Instagram (@tinyinklings).  I’d love to see!

CLICK HERE to download Spring Patterns

CLICK HERE to download Spring Patterns Gift Tags


by Kayla on 03/03/2014

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La Lune_downloadable desktop wallpaper | tinyinklings.comDid you guys get to see the full moon on Friday night?  It was HUGE and incredibly bright.  For some reason it really made it feel like Fall to me.  Maybe it was in combination with watching Hocus Pocus and working on my Halloween costume.  My office has a costume contest every year and my co-worker and I are going to be Melanie Daniels and a crow from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.  I have a feather mask and tail I borrowed from a friend and am working on making wings.  You can bet I’m going to wear bright red lipstick and maybe even draw drops of blood at the corner of my mouth. Hoping we win something good!

Back to the moon.  I had played around with a phases of the moon art print awhile back, but I’ve been sitting on it for so long, I thought I’d turn it into a wallpaper and give it away for free!  Enjoy!

Click to download “La Lune” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE


by Kayla on 10/21/2013

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FakeIt_downloadable desktop wallpaper | tinyinklings.comWow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  Real talk: sometimes, I can’t believe that people pay me money to do what I do.  Most days, I’m completely confident in myself and my skills, but on occasion, I feel a little less confident, like if they really knew I was stumbling my way through an aspect of the project, Googling stuff I should probably know how to do already, they’d see me as a fraud and kill the contract.  On these days, I abide by the mantra “Fake it ’till you make it”, because I’ve realized, if you project confidence, eventually you will feel confident.

Anyone else feel this way on occasion?

If you do, I’ve made you a little wallpaper to download to remind you to keep your chin up and keep doin’ your thing.  You’ve got this.

Click to download “Fake It” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE


by Kayla on 09/16/2013


Hello Spring: Desktop Wallpaper Freebie | tinyinklings.comI’m really having a love affair with Spring this year, enjoying being outside, sitting in the sun and reading or drawing.  Aside from my allergies going bonkers, it’s been a really lovely spring on the Central Coast.

I had fun with my watercolors and made up a little desktop wallpaper featuring hand painted typography and florals.  The inspiration for the word ‘Spring’ came from my sugar snap peas climbing up their trellis out back.  I hope you enjoy it!

Click to download “Hello Spring” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD


by Kayla on 05/02/2013

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Just Breathe - Desktop Wallpaper from tinyinklings.comIt’s almost April (seriously, how did this happen?) and I’ve been busy in my garden planting flowers and edibles, getting ready for the explosion of fruit, veggies and flowers that will be here before I know it.  I was fertilizing all my fruit trees today, when I looked up and saw what seemed like a whole flock of birds on my little bird feeder in the back.  I didn’t want to move, for fear of scaring them away, so I just sat for a minute and watched them, enjoying the quiet of the moment. This wallpaper is a little visual reminder to stop and just breathe; step away from work and take time to enjoy the little things that are all around.

Click to download “Just Breathe” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE


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Click to download “Mountains” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE
Click to download “Wild and Free” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE

Free desktop wallpaper "Wild and Free" | tinyinklings.comFree desktop wallpaper "Mountains" |

I had some fun the other night creating a couple new desktop wallpapers. John and I were playing the “would you rather” game the other day and I asked, “Would you rather have a little vacation home at the beach or in the mountains?”. I thought for sure he would say the beach (of course not here, I was thinking Hawaii or something. Hey, it’s just a game.), but he chose the mountains! He grew up in a tiny mountain town, so I shouldn’t really be all that surprised. Going up to the Sierras is actually something we try and do every year if we can. I love the smell of the trees and the dirt, the big open sky, and watching the stars in the blackest of black skies at night. These wallpapers remind me of how I feel when I”m there. Download and enjoy!

Click here for other fun freebies!

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FREE printable woodland critter classroom valentines for kids | tinyinklings.comWhen I was in elementary school, there was always that one kid that sat in the corner and ate his boogers that no one really liked.  It was so sad on Valentines day when the popular girls had a hoard of cards and candy at their desk and the strange boy didn’t get any. I hope that kid grew up, started showering, and is married to a supermodel.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and while John and I aren’t huge celebrators on the day of aside from cards for one another, I wanted to share a little something with you guys.  These sweet little valentines are really for the kiddos to fill out and hand out to their classmates at school.  I think it’s great that most schools now ask that if kids are going to bring valentines to hand out, they bring enough for the whole class.  This way, Booger Bobby gets one, too.  It’s always nice to share.

CLICK HERE to download the free woodland critter valentine printable!

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by Kayla on 02/13/2013

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First off, please excuse the extremely wonky photo. It’s been raining non-stop for the last week and I haven’t been able to snap a good picture of this project all week.

Ok, bad photo disclaimer aside, I wanted to share a little advent calendar that I made for my hubby. I’ve been wanting to make an advent calendar for years, but I somehow always lost track of time and December would always sneak right up on me. Inspired by this pin, I decided to whip this one up and it really only took a couple of hours from start to finish. I had all the supplies already, so it came together pretty quickly.

If you’d like to make one, here’s what you will need:

25 coin envelopes or other small envelope of your choice
25 small pieces of colored paper cut to fit inside your envelope (I used extra old stationery that I had in my craft closet)
1 sheet of sticker paper printed with 25 numbers. You can download the one I made here in COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE.
1″ craft punch. I used a scalloped one from Martha Stewart
Washi tape in a variety of colors ( I got mine from Target)


Print out your numbered template on your sticker paper and cut out each number using your craft punch. Place the numbered stickers on your envelopes. Write nice notes on your pieces of cut colored paper/insert prizes or gifts/insert gift cards and put them inside of your envelopes. You can seal your envelopes or leave them open, it’s up to you. Arrange your envelopes on a wall in a grid/tree shape/heart shape and affix each envelope to the wall with washi tape. Watch as your kids/spouse/friend lights up when they see what you made for them!

I also made a little wall tassel-y thing to hang along side. For this I just put together some teal and white ribbon, and some gold sequin ribbon and stuck them on the wall with washi tape. I cut some paper feathers out of extra kraft paper and hung those on the ribbon. My gold metallic pom was staring at me, so I stuck it to the wall to cover up the washi mess holding the ribbon. Then I added an air plant for good measure (because air plants work with everything, don’t they?).

It’s pretty girly, but we have this huge blank wall in our entry, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to jazz it up (jazz hands!) for the holidays. And you can never really go wrong with gold sparkle during the holidays, right?

CLICK HERE to download the free color dots advent calendar printable!

CLICK HERE to download the free black and white dots advent calendar printable!

Please feel free to share this project, but as always, I would appreciate a link back to this original post.


by Kayla on 12/03/2012


Hey bloggy friends! I’ve created a little Save-the-Date for the readers of Yellow Press Weddings today.  Hop on over to check out the different variations and to download it.  I think you’ll like.  :) 

To check out my other downloads, click here.


by Kayla on 02/21/2011


I’m doing a little giveaway over on I Art U this week!  I LOVE Jenn’s blog, so when she asked if I would be interested in doing a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.  Her blog is one of my “top fives”, in that out of the 100 or so blogs that I subscribe to in my Reader, hers is one of the first I read every day. She’s also a FABULOUS photographer, so I always look forward to her weekend pics and the portrait shoots she posts.  Hop on over and comment to win a Holiday Essentials Kit, gold and lovely, perfect for wrapping all those gifts this season (and say hi to Jenn while you’re at it).  :)

I’m also offering a little shop discount for I Art U readers…but you’ll have to click over to I Art U to get the code.


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