Playful Dot Minibook by Kayla King for
Hi friends! I have a new product that just launched on Minted so I wanted to share it with you here. I designed a sweet birth announcement for Minted called “Playful Dot” using the minibook format. I really love this product line because it’s so versitile and there are so many creative ways to personalize it with text. I hope you like it!

P.S. Like what you see? Check out more of my products on Minted by clicking HERE.

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by Kayla on 04/16/2013

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Desert Fox by Kayla King for |
I’m excited to announce that my art print Desert Fox is now available for sale on! I’ve been waiting a while for this one to launch, so I’m super excited to share that the day is here!  I created the print in three different colorways in the hopes that THIS fantastic Mr. Fox will find a home in a little boy OR little girl’s room.

I put together a little nursery inspiration below, how I would design a nursery around this piece. I imagine a little explorer, curious about the stars and planets in the sky and the animals and bugs on the earth.  Mint, yellow, and neutrals round out the room with a simple white crib anchoring the space.

Desert Fox Room Inspiration |
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by Kayla on 04/03/2013

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Wild Bouquet by Kayla King for Minted.comThe latest challenge for Minted was in partnership with People Magazine in honor of their upcoming most beautiful people issue.  Designers were asked to create an art print that incorporated one of ten classic quotes about beauty.  I thought I’d share my submissions here.  Let me know what you think!  :)

Floral Crown by Kayla King for Minted.comDeep Retreats by Kayla King for Minted.comPrints, top to bottom:

Wild Bouquet“, “A Floral Crown“, and “Deep Retreats of the Heart

Voting is open, so if you felt so inclined to vote for my pieces, you can do so by clicking the links in the print titles just above.

To see more of my work available for sale on Minted, click here.


by Kayla on 03/21/2013

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'Little Spy' by Kayla King for | 'Yeti' by Kayla King for |

Just a couple of funny little children’s birthday card illustrations I did for the latest greeting card challenge over on Minted. If you felt so inclined to vote for my designs, you can do so here and here.


by Kayla on 03/06/2013

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I (finally!) got a new sketchbook over the weekend and had a lot of fun testing out some new illustration styles. I’m going back to my art school style and trying to be looser in my sketching. Below are a few of the pieces I’m working on.

Love Conquers Tall by Kayla /king | tinyinklings.comscout |  the woodsman |

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by Kayla on 01/28/2013

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Well, hello there Poppyseeds journal.  I see you’re looking mighty lovely today.  What’s that, you say?  Oh, I see.  Yes, you are indeed the perfect gift for a dear friend or the best mother in the world. You come with 40 pages of lined, graph, or blank paper inside?  Oh, my!  Don’t be improper, dear, you’re making me blush!

Okay, enough with that.  I’ve got a new journal design available on Minted today!  Poppyseeds was designed to coordinate with my Poppy Fields stationery; a perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend or mother (in-law).  I’ve got quite a few girlfriends to shop for this holiday, so journals and stationery from Minted are actually really perfect.  All my shopping done in one place.  And since Minted journals are customizeable at only $16 a pop, this gift won’t break the bank, either!  Boom!  Done.

Click here to check out more of my work on Minted.

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by Kayla on 11/29/2012

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I’ve got some new stationery available on Minted today and I have to say, it’s one of my favorites! A field of poppies, fun colors, and that bee just kills me. :)

Oh! And since it’s Cyber Monday, Minted is offering 25% off all orders today on EVERYTHING in the store (not just stationery)! So, you could get your mom/girlfriend/sister/best friend a set of personalized stationery for only $37.50. What? I can’t even deal. Go. Go now. And use code CYBER25 at checkout for the discount!


by Kayla on 11/26/2012

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I was so excited when this month’s issue of Sunset Magazine came in the mail…because I got a small mention!  My work is featured in a great article about and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I had a really hard time keeping my mouth shut about this since I’ve known since October, but I’m happy to share the article with everyone.

Seriously, though, Minted has really given independent artists like me a shot at sharing artwork with a much wider audience than I could possible go at alone, so for that I’m grateful and so happy to be a part of the Minted team. I meant what I said, the ladies and gents of the design community at Minted are the best.  I’ve made a lot of new friends and gotten lots of advice from more seasoned designers, and not once has anyone ever held back on sharing their design/lettering/printing secrets.  I feel very fortunate to have found Minted and hope I get to design for them for as long as I can.

P.S. Have you ordered your holiday cards yet?  Click on the link at the top right for a special discount!

P.P.S. I just got my hands on Minted’s new Triple Thick cards and WOW!  If you’ve got the extra dough to throw down, I couldn’t recommend the quality of the product highly enough.  Love it!

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by Kayla on 11/19/2012

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I’ve got some new holiday cards available on this season!  I really love that Minted is offering New Year’s cards this year.  I think they’re perfect for a little change or for people who don’t celebrate the holidays, but still want to give a little shout out to friends and family at the end of the year.  But I think the funnest thing is that you can now get cards in a whole bunch of fun die-cut shapes!  I know I’d love to receive something so unique in the mail.  Have a look at some of my new designs for the holidays and remember to scroll all the way to the bottom for a discount code for you to use on this winter.

“SPLASH” 2013 New Year’s card

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by Kayla on 10/29/2012

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I’m once again participating in a design challenge on!  I don’t post my work often enough on here, so I thought I’s take the opportunity and show you guys a few of the pieces I’ve been working on.  All the designs are in voting right now, so if you feel so inclined to vote for me, the links are at the bottom of the post.



by Kayla on 06/26/2012

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