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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  My sister is in town and we are having a big family dinner tonight, something that we don’t get to do all that often anymore, so I’m really looking forward to it.

A few links for your weekend:

I thought this article was so interesting.  Not sure I agree with all their points, but it was a super interesting read nonetheless.

This video made me laugh so hard!  Just watch it and thank me later.  You’re welcome.

I’ve been making this salad non-stop this spring/summer.  Get on board.

I really enjoy listening to Jess’ blogcasts.  This episode was a favorite!

I’m looking forward to Breanna and Jen‘s workshop, Be Free, Lance.

I loved the honesty of this post by my friend, Krystal.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of the same things recently and it’s nice to feel like I’m not the only one.

Have a great weekend pop tarts!

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by Kayla on 06/27/2014


I could get lost on Behance.  There’s so much crazy talent over there that it makes me both incredibly inspired and a bit envious all at the same time.  So instead of hoarding away all of the gorgeous art, design, and illustrations I see every week, I’d like to share them with you in the hopes that you, too, will be as inspired as I am.  Sorry in advance about the art envy.

For this first week, I’d like to share the work of illustrator Lisk Feng.  Lisk is originally from China, but is now living in Maryland and is pursuing her MFA in illustration at MICA.  She has published several books in China and I can only hope that she publishes here in the States so I can get my hot little hands on her work.


Check out more of Lisk’s work on her website or over on Behance.


by Kayla on 06/12/2014

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by Kayla on 06/11/2014

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CMYKI wanted to share some news I received on Friday.  As you know, I frequently participate in the design challenges over on Minted and have been fortunate enough to have had quite a number of my designs picked up and sold on the site. Last year Minted rolled out their Elite Designer Program, which recognizes designers that have had a high sales percentage in a major category and/or those who have a high amount of wins in the design challenges.  I am so thrilled to announce the I was added to the program this year, which is a huge, huge honor.  There is some serious talent over on Minted and to be included with some of these designers is really a big deal for me.

There are four levels to the program: C | M | Y | K (the highest).  This year, I’ve entered into the program at level C.  I hope to be able to move up in the program as time goes on, but for now, I’m so happy to be included! One of the perks of the program is getting to have a Minted storefront, which will house all my designs in one place (a huge bonus) with searchable tags and categories.  To read more about the new additions to the Elite Designer Program on Minted’s site, click here.

To learn more about Minted or the design challenges, click through here.  I dare you to not get addicted to designing for them!


by Kayla on 03/31/2014


A Few Faves |

Good morning!  I wanted to pop in today just to share a few recent faves with you from my Pinterest boards, ones that have had an impact on me in the past month.  Hope you enjoy!

This chair from 1st Dibs took my breath away the second I saw it.  I normally don’t even go for captains chairs, but the lines on this one, the woven leather seat, and that mid-century vibe its throwing out really had me at first glance.  Now if only I had an $18,000 chair budget…

This apartment via A Cup of Jo is so beautiful.  I love the simplicity, the clean lines, the art, and most of all, the fact that it looks livable.  Like friends would want to come over and just stay and stay.  I love that.

I make this museli almost every week.  I love that it’s really not very sweet and it’s full of whole grain goodness.  I add extra nuts and chia seeds to the mix and top with golden raisins or fresh berries.  Mmmmm…..

Hope everyone is having a nice week!  We finally got a sprinkling of rain this morning, which was better than nothing, but here’s hoping for more this weekend!

P.S. i couldn’t not throw this out there, but I had an extra $55,000 and a huge house, this is the first thing I would buy.  So awesome!


by Kayla on 01/30/2014


Painted Floral Hello - Personal stationery by Kayla King on Vintage Ride - Personal stationery by Kayla King on

I have a couple new personalized stationery designs available over on Minted…just in time for the holidays!  Painted Floral Hello is perfect for the ladies, while Vintage Ride is great for the dude in your life (who’s not afraid of sending a handwritten letter, that is).  Minted is also offering 15% off when you buy 3 or more gifts (stationery, art prints, journals, photo calendars…), but hurry, the code is only available for a limited time!


by Kayla on 12/09/2013


mothers day gift guide |

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me.  One minute it’s April and the next minute…BAM! Mother’s Day is tomorrow and I’m hunting through the picked over card selection at CVS for one that speaks to me. Well not this year.  I’m so set.  Card. Check. Gift. Check. Breakfast menu. Planned. Special Mother’s Day surprise.  Totes arranged.

For anyone who needs a little inspiration on how to show their appreciation for their mama, I put together a little gift guide.  A few of my favorite things that I’m sure my mom (and others out there) would certainly enjoy.

01. Personalized stationery she’ll be delighted to pick up and put to use.

02. Custom stamped initial necklace. (I have this one and I don’t think I’ve taken it off in a month.  Love!)

03. Josie Maran argan oil products.  I use the moisturizer for day and it’s the best.

04. A gorgeous leather everyday tote.

05. A splurge-worthy candle she’d never buy for herself.

06. Bellocq hand crafted tea No.12 Le Hammeau. I sort of want some for myself, not gonna lie.


by Kayla on 04/30/2013


My favorite summer plants | tinyinklings.comIf you follow me on Instagram (@kaylamking), you know that I’m basically an 80 year old lady that gardens, cooks for her husband, and hangs out with her crazy dogs all weekend, every weekend. I tend to putter around the house on my days off, doing chores or making new art, inviting friends over on occasion, but I’m not so much one with the “going out” as I was ten, heck even five, years ago. I blame my thirties.

The nice part of being a homebody is that the house is always mostly clean, and I can count on the trees and plants that I’ve planted in the yard to bring me loads of goodies each summer. So, for today’s post, I wanted to share with you my top eight plants to grow in the summer months.

1. Sweet peas. One June, for my mom’s birthday about five years ago, my family surprised her and we all drove down to the Getty Center in LA. It had just rained the day before, so the sky was crisp and clear and you could see all the way to the ocean. My favorite part of the Getty Center is the garden out back. My mom and I like to wander around in the plants, slowly looking at and smelling every flower. This visit, we noticed that there were some beautiful sweet peas growing over an arbor in deep shades of plum and burgundy. We also noticed that the plant was starting to go to seed, it’s vines thick with seed pods, many of which had dried out. Ok, so here’s the part where I’m a total thief, but we took a few seed pods with us from the museum to plant back home. From then on, I have plant sweet peas every year and most years they reseed themselves. Aside from my stolen variety, my favorite variety of sweet pea comes from Renee’s Garden. Called “April in Paris“, they are the most fragrant variety I have ever smelled, have gorgeous long stems, and lovely cream colored petals trimmed with pink. They are super easy to sow in the ground after the last frost and grow very quickly. I could not recommend them enough.

2. Dahlias. I love these quirky little (or big) flowers. They come in all shapes and sizes and if you live near where I do (Zone 15), you don’t even have to dig up the bulbs in the winter. You can just forget about them and they pop up every spring, with their cartoony heads and long necks, just waiting to make you smile. Right now I have some little dwarf dahlias planted, but next year I’m going to plant the big boys.

3. Blueberries. What’s better than going outside and picking your own blueberries. Nothing. Aside from birds liking the taste of these berries as much as I do, the blueberry plant is basically trouble free. They like acid, so I sprinkle my used coffee grinds on their root zone every other week. We have two highbush varieties, but I want to grow these pink lemonade (!) blueberries sometime soon.

4. Basil. My favorite herb by far, I love its licorice-y peppery flavor. I could literally just chew on the leaves all summer. I love in in everything, from cocktails to salads, with grilled veggies, and my favorite preparation: torn with tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, and sea salt. It bums me out that it’s an annual, but I bet if I had access to it all year, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do when I get to enjoy it every spring.

My favorite summer plants |
5. Raspberry. Truth be told, my raspberry vines are threatening to take over a corner of my front yard. I can’t complain too much, though. The look on John’s face when he get’s the first raspberries of the season is worth all the tiny tiny thorns in my hands from ripping vines back. I grow an everbearing type and it seems like they fruit from June through October…and I really can’t get enough. Yum! Raspberries are pretty easy to grow, even if you have a little corner of your yard to plant a small plant, I’d totally recommend it.

6. Marigolds. Not my favorite flower (visually anyway), I grow these because they attract beneficial insects that benefit other plants in my garden. I plant them underneath my fruit trees and near my strawberries. Apparently they also repel mosquitoes. Bonus!

7. Tomato. My favorite fruit (vegetable?) of all time, I could (and do) eat them like apples. The first year I got to plant a real vegetable garden at our house, I think I planted about 20 plants. My plan was to have enough to preserve, but were any left at the end of the season? No. I had eaten every one. Good thing John likes tomatoes as much as I do (well, at least half as much as I do), because I don’t think I could be with someone who didn’t like tomatoes. It must be the Italian in me. One of my favorite varieties of tomatoes to grow is called Stupice, but I also really love Sweet 100 and Yellow Pear cherry tomatoes. Paired with basil, this is my summertime anthem (pretty sure that made no sense, but you get the point). Tomatoes, you complete me.

8. Artichoke. I have had one globe artichoke plant in the front yard for the past 4 years that just keeps on keepin’ on. I thought I killed it once. It came back. I didn’t water it for a month. It kept truckin’. Now I just cut it back every fall, and come spring, divide the new pups off of the main plant and plant new artichokes every year. I’m up to four plants total. Given how much I love them (and how freaking expensive they are in the store), I’ll happily keep planting the as long as I have the space. They are heavy feeders (steer manure, blood meal, etc.), but need little water or attention once established.

So there you have it! I hope this inspires you to go forth and plant some goodies this summer. Or at least pick up a little basil (or any herb) and put it in a little pot on your windowsill. Happy planting!

Images via my landscape board on Pinterest.


by Kayla on 04/18/2013

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Alexander |
My hoard collection of vintage children’s books has been growing for awhile, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. This is one I picked up over the weekend. Alexander by Harold Littledale and illustrated by Tom Vroman. I love searching for these old books. The illustrations are fantastic; certainly some have a very vintage look to them, which I just adore. This is a first edition, published in 1964.  It’s definitely worn, but I don’t really collect these old books for their value.  I just love finding inspiration in old things sometimes. I photographed some of my favorite pages to share here.  I hope you love the illustrations as much as I do!

My Image My Image
My Image My Image
My Image My Image
My Image My Image


by Kayla on 03/27/2013

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making the switchSince Google Reader is being phased out (sad face), I’m switching to Bloglovin to be able to follow all my favorite blogs.  I hope I like it as much as Google Reader.  If you’d care to join me, you can follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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by Kayla on 03/14/2013