It’s only been six months since John and I went to Europe, but we’re already chomping at the bit for another getaway.  The only question that remains: where should we go?!  We’ve been tossing around ideas like Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Mexico, but we also think it might be fun to head to the snow.  We LOVE Colorado, so Telluride or Aspen could be wonderful. Oregon is just a hop away and we’ve never been.  That could be fun, too.  Decisions, decisions.

If you could pick, where would you go?

Images: SUN / SNOW


by Kayla on 11/21/2012

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I went out to the Port San Luis pier in Avila Beach one morning last week to see if I could catch a glimpse of the humpback whales that have been feeding in that area.  While I didn’t catch sight of any whales, I really enjoyed the quiet fog, the bark of the sea lions, and the chill of the early morning air.  I might have to do this more often.


by Kayla on 08/30/2012

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Just loving all these vintage black and white beach photos.  Especially Sir Beardcat, there.  Beardtastic.

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by Kayla on 07/10/2012

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