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My Pinterest feed has been full of color lately, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer-inspired pins. I’m loving that living room!

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by Kayla on 05/07/2013

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Saguaro Palm Springs |
Now that it’s March, I’m getting really excited about my birthday next month. I’m turning 30 (!), so instead of wanting to avoid the day completely, I’ve decided to embrace it! I’ve upped my fitness game and am hoping to reach my fitness goal by the beginning of April because I’m going to Palm Springs for my 30th birthday celebration!

I booked a room at The Saguaro for myself and a couple of my closest girlfriends to spend a few days laying in the sunshine, maybe drinking a few cocktails (I can’t even remember the last time I had alcohol), and indulging in a spa treatment (or two). I’d love to get in a trip to some vintage stores, but, honestly, I’m just looking forward to relaxing in the sun for a couple days with some of my favorite people.

It will be my first time to Palm springs, so if anyone has any tips for great restaurants or things to do, hollar at me here or on Twitter. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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by Kayla on 03/07/2013

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That Summer I Loved You - Moodboard by Kayla King | tinyinklings.comI’m trying to flex my design muscles a little more lately, so I’m going to be sharing some of the digital mood boards I often put together. This board inspired by a memory of the summer between high school and college. That last fleeting moment where you are free before you land, where you are weightless and can almost fly.

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by Kayla on 02/20/2013

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I really loved this post that Emily did a while back on blue paint, and I especially love Loyal Blue by Sherwin Williams (I’m currently using it on an interiors project that’s in the works for a local office space, but that’s a story for another post).  I’d love to add a bit of navy blue to our home.  I’m not sure I can commit to a full wall (or walls) just yet, but maybe a little touch of it in the form of some blue velvet curtains or an art print is just the thing to eaaaaaase my way into it.

What do you think?  Could you go bold blue?

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by Kayla on 01/23/2013


Most of the world (well, the working world at least) has the day off today to relax, enjoy this beautiful January weather we’ve been blessed with, celebrate Mr. King, and tune in to the presidential inauguration. Sadly, I get to partake in none of these things (except for remembering MLK, I can do that anywhere), so to keep myself from falling asleep at my desk today, I glanced through my pins to find some brights to jump start my afternoon. A bold slap of pink and red anyone? Yes please. Now I’m awake.

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by Kayla on 01/21/2013

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