On Friday, my sister and I went up to Cambria, one of our favorite places to walk around, pop in and out of antique stores, and check out the nurseries.  Of course, we had to stop by Grow.  Self-proclaimed purveyour of “rare and unusual succulents”, we are never let down by the wares of this shop.  They have a HUGE selection of air plants and tons of different varieties of succulents.  This time, they had new stock of fantastic pottery, succulent planter letters (!), and chunks of glass that seemed to glow from the inside out.  My photos definitely don’t do it justice (next time I’ll have to drag Jenn with me to capture it much more beautifully), but I thought I’d share this little gem in case anyone is driving down Highway 1 and needs a fun stop (and an air plant or two).

I ended up with this tilli.  Hoo-ee!  What a beaut!


by Kayla on 08/20/2012

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Really loving the moodiness of these landscape paintings by Ohio-based painter Robert Roth.  Oh how I’d love to hang something like this in my house.


by Kayla on 07/16/2012

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