Spring Patterns by Kayla King | tinyinklings.comHappy Monday, friends!  While I had big plans to sow seeds in my garden over the weekend, I didn’t get to do it since it pretty much rained non-stop for three days.  That didn’t keep me from staring out the windows, garden planning, and being taunted by my stone fruit trees, which are just beginning to bloom.  C’mon Spring!

On Sunday, as John went off to work, I decided to spend the morning working on some patterns.  Remember this mood board I made for the Skillshare class I was taking (which I never finished, whoops)?  I kept looking back at it and decided to use it as my starting point.  I was really feeling that peach in the center, so the peach juice and leaves came from that.  The stripes were washi-inspired, and the burst was derived from that image on the bottom-right (although I like to think that’s what Spring does to us.  She sneaks up all cloaked in dark rain clouds and sadness and then bursts forth, all “Holla!  I’m here!”).

Spring Patterns by Kayla King | tinyinklings.comI thought it would be fun to offer up these patterns as a little freebie for you guys.  Print one and use it to make gift tags!  Print a bunch and use them to wrap a gift or make a journal cover!  You guys are creative, use your imagination! :) If you make anything super fun with them, tag me in a pic on Instagram (@tinyinklings).  I’d love to see!

CLICK HERE to download Spring Patterns

CLICK HERE to download Spring Patterns Gift Tags


by Kayla on 03/03/2014

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pattern love | via tinyinklings.compattern play
Just popping in with a few pattern favorites from my pins over the weekend.  I love that cat print! To see more of my inspiration, click HERE.

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by Kayla on 03/11/2013

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Most of the world (well, the working world at least) has the day off today to relax, enjoy this beautiful January weather we’ve been blessed with, celebrate Mr. King, and tune in to the presidential inauguration. Sadly, I get to partake in none of these things (except for remembering MLK, I can do that anywhere), so to keep myself from falling asleep at my desk today, I glanced through my pins to find some brights to jump start my afternoon. A bold slap of pink and red anyone? Yes please. Now I’m awake.

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by Kayla on 01/21/2013

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I was looking through my Pinterest boards this morning and noticed these two images hanging out next to each other. I’m really loving the color combos and the pattern of that paper! Now if only I could get it made into a skirt…

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by Kayla on 03/26/2012

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