Most of the world (well, the working world at least) has the day off today to relax, enjoy this beautiful January weather we’ve been blessed with, celebrate Mr. King, and tune in to the presidential inauguration. Sadly, I get to partake in none of these things (except for remembering MLK, I can do that anywhere), so to keep myself from falling asleep at my desk today, I glanced through my pins to find some brights to jump start my afternoon. A bold slap of pink and red anyone? Yes please. Now I’m awake.

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by Kayla on 01/21/2013

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We had a truly gorgeous sunset sky over the weekend, which lead me to putting together these three images I found.  I’m loving the color combo of pink and yellow lately, too.

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by Kayla on 07/23/2012

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Holy cow, look at this lake!  A little info about it:

Situated north of the Cap Vert Peninsula in Senegal, northeast of Dakar, Lake Retba, or as the French refer to it Lac Rose, is pinker than any milkshake you’ve ever come face to straw with.

And once you see it, you too will agree that a sippy straw may be in order over a boat.

Experts say the lake gives off its pink hue due to cyanobacteria, a harmless halophilic bacteria found in the water.

If the color weren’t enough to make you smile, it should be known that Lake Retba has a high salt content, much like that of the Dead Sea, allowing people to float effortlessly in the massive pink water. In fact, Lake Retba has an almost one and a half times higher salt content than the Dead Sea.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope this crazy pink lake got your week off to a happy start.

Description and images via bangstyle.

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by Kayla on 06/18/2012

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