La Lune_downloadable desktop wallpaper | tinyinklings.comDid you guys get to see the full moon on Friday night?  It was HUGE and incredibly bright.  For some reason it really made it feel like Fall to me.  Maybe it was in combination with watching Hocus Pocus and working on my Halloween costume.  My office has a costume contest every year and my co-worker and I are going to be Melanie Daniels and a crow from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.  I have a feather mask and tail I borrowed from a friend and am working on making wings.  You can bet I’m going to wear bright red lipstick and maybe even draw drops of blood at the corner of my mouth. Hoping we win something good!

Back to the moon.  I had played around with a phases of the moon art print awhile back, but I’ve been sitting on it for so long, I thought I’d turn it into a wallpaper and give it away for free!  Enjoy!

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by Kayla on 10/21/2013

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Hello Spring: Desktop Wallpaper Freebie | tinyinklings.comI’m really having a love affair with Spring this year, enjoying being outside, sitting in the sun and reading or drawing.  Aside from my allergies going bonkers, it’s been a really lovely spring on the Central Coast.

I had fun with my watercolors and made up a little desktop wallpaper featuring hand painted typography and florals.  The inspiration for the word ‘Spring’ came from my sugar snap peas climbing up their trellis out back.  I hope you enjoy it!

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by Kayla on 05/02/2013

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Just Breathe - Desktop Wallpaper from tinyinklings.comIt’s almost April (seriously, how did this happen?) and I’ve been busy in my garden planting flowers and edibles, getting ready for the explosion of fruit, veggies and flowers that will be here before I know it.  I was fertilizing all my fruit trees today, when I looked up and saw what seemed like a whole flock of birds on my little bird feeder in the back.  I didn’t want to move, for fear of scaring them away, so I just sat for a minute and watched them, enjoying the quiet of the moment. This wallpaper is a little visual reminder to stop and just breathe; step away from work and take time to enjoy the little things that are all around.

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by Kayla on 03/26/2013

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Click to download “Mountains” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE
Click to download “Wild and Free” wallpaper: DESKTOP / IPAD / IPHONE

Free desktop wallpaper "Wild and Free" | tinyinklings.comFree desktop wallpaper "Mountains" | tinyinklings.com

I had some fun the other night creating a couple new desktop wallpapers. John and I were playing the “would you rather” game the other day and I asked, “Would you rather have a little vacation home at the beach or in the mountains?”. I thought for sure he would say the beach (of course not here, I was thinking Hawaii or something. Hey, it’s just a game.), but he chose the mountains! He grew up in a tiny mountain town, so I shouldn’t really be all that surprised. Going up to the Sierras is actually something we try and do every year if we can. I love the smell of the trees and the dirt, the big open sky, and watching the stars in the blackest of black skies at night. These wallpapers remind me of how I feel when I”m there. Download and enjoy!

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by Kayla on 02/18/2013

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